The development trend of LED industry in 2015
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LEDinside put forward five trends for the development of the LED industry in 2015, including: Evergrande Hengda, China's LED producer market rate continues to increase; LED lighting customers continue to find a lower cost solution; look for special application new blue sea to improve profit; vehicle LED output value is growing year by year, with the biggest growth rate of external lighting. The backlight LED specification evolves towards light and high color saturation.

LEDinside pointed out that in 2014, the total number of additional installed MOCVD installed in the world would reach 239, while in 2015, it is expected to continue to maintain more than 170 units due to the continued subsidies of some local governments in China. Chu Chao said that the expansion plan of LED manufacturers depends on the subsidy from local governments, so the future LED wafer plant will show the phenomenon of big persistence. With the upgrading of China's LED wafer plant and the release of its capacity, China's share of global LED wafer output is expected to increase from 27% in 2013 to 36% in 2014.

LEDinside also pointed out that because of the fierce competition in LED prices, manufacturers are actively looking for new special applications that can improve profit; for example, the increasingly visible light LED, including UV or IR LED applications. Although the market size of invisible light LED is limited, it is unable to compare with the application of LED lighting or backlighting, but because of the technical difficulties, the customization demand, and the close cooperation with the system plant, the entry threshold is high, so that the gross profit rate of the product is obviously better than the white light LED. At present, UV LED and IR LED are dominated by Japan and European and American manufacturers, and the LED manufacturers in Taiwan also occupy a place. It is expected that more and more LED plants will begin to enter the field of invisible light in the future.

And in the automotive LED market, it is a steady growth, and the best growth is the car's external LED lighting with daylight lamp (DRL) and headlight (H / L beam). LEDinside believes that as LED technology increases and prices fall, the LED lighting demand is gradually shifted from high - order cars to middle - order cars, adding kinetic energy for car lighting in the next few years. In addition, the LED application in the vehicle still takes the LED backlight of the vehicle panel as the bulk, mainly with the increasing popularity of multimedia and sensing images, and the traditional dashboard has also been changed to the LCD panel.

In addition, due to the fierce competition in the price of backlit LED, LED manufacturers began to think about how to improve LED specifications to open up the gap with competitors. Take handheld devices as an example, along with the development of high-order mobile phones to the thinning and high panel resolution.  For LED vendors, how to make LED lighter and brighter is the challenge for 2015. As for the TV LED backlight specifications, in addition to improving the LED brightness to meet the needs of the 4K2K panel, special red fluorescent powder is introduced, and the high color saturation of NTSC 100 is achieved. It is also the focus of the development of LED factory. Therefore, in 2015, the thinking direction of LED manufacturers is how to pull the high technology threshold and get rid of the Red Sea.

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