The difference is 4 billion 600 million. Where will the land price of Guangzhou go?
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After the year of 2013, the income of the Guangzhou city level sold by 102% more than the previous year, the 2014 annual accounts of the Guangzhou city level announced at the beginning of this month showed that the income of the local selling land in Guangzhou was increased by 51.1% to 67 billion 946 million yuan. However, the original accounts of the Ministry of land and Housing Administration issued a final account of 72 billion 578 million yuan in 2014, and the difference between the two was 4 billion 632 million yuan.

The Guangzhou Municipal Finance Bureau responded to the new Express newspaper yesterday that the number of revenue for the Ministry of land was levied by the Department, and the amount of the capital of the city at the level of the new construction land paid to the country and the province was to be subtracted. "Two data are all right." According to the request of the Guangzhou Municipal Finance Bureau, the Municipal Land Planning Commission announced on the 23 day of this month the original city land and Housing Administration (which has been incorporated into the Municipal Land Planning Commission) for the annual final accounts of the 2014 department. The final accounts show that last year, the non tax revenue of the former municipal land and housing administration ranked first in the municipal departments, totaling 73 billion 35 million yuan. In this non tax income, the income of the government fund is 72 billion 578 million yuan, accounting for 99.37%, all of which are "the income of the state-owned land use right" (subject code 1030148, commonly known as land selling income). The new Express News reporter to verify and to the Municipal Land Planning Committee to prove that when the final accounts are usually done, the income of the local level will be returned to the final accounts of the land administration bureau, which is the income of the city at the local level in 2014.

From this point of view, the data is obviously inconsistent with the final accounts of Guangzhou municipal level in 2014. According to the Guangzhou municipal government's official network on 2014, the city's final accounts of the city level of Guangzhou was published in 2014. Last year, the income of the state-owned land use right of the city was 67 billion 946 million yuan (the city was 96 billion 680 million yuan), up 51.1% from 2013. That is, the difference between the two is 4 billion 632 million yuan. According to the data caliber released by the former land and Housing Administration Bureau, Guangzhou's land sales in 2014 increased by 61.36% compared with 2013. It

In the context of a continuous surge in land sales in Guangzhou, the above 4 billion 600 million yuan data entry is somewhat "dazzling". The new express reporter found that the city's final accounts of Guangzhou in the past five years have been found. In just five years, the income of the local selling land in Guangzhou is about 20 billion - 30 billion yuan per year, up to more than 60 billion yuan, and the growth rate of the 2013 year is up to 102%.

How did the 4 billion 600 million metadata come in and out? On the night of 24, the new express reporter contacted the Performance Evaluation Office of the Public Finance Bureau, and the staff replied: the specific value of the Department's final accounts was suggested to the specific departments. Then, the new express reporter contacted the land planning committee of the market, and the person in charge of the Propaganda Department received a reply to the business department and said, "our figures are right, but also the figures that are reported to the Municipal Finance Bureau, representing the land leasing income of the city at the level of last year." As for the difference in the number of final accounts at the municipal level, it is recommended to be informed by the Municipal Finance Bureau.

Yesterday afternoon, the City Finance Bureau written reply to the new express reporter explained: the income of the land sector (72 billion 578 million yuan) for the number of departments. According to the relevant regulations, the income (67 billion 946 million yuan) of the 2014 annual final accounts of the city at the municipal level is: the number of the 2014 departments of the land and housing administration of the original city, subtracted from the payment of the paid use fee of the new construction land land to the state and the province, the income returned to the District, and the amount of the funds, such as the policy funds, according to the state and provincial regulations. Such

"(original city) land and Housing Authority income collection, for their departments, is the revenue of the Department. Come to us, some of them should be retreated (such as the wrong payment or no case), and some of them are paid in policy. (such as the four funds, such as the education fund, the farmland water conservancy fund and so on, are also divided into the state and the provinces. There is another part, and there is a sub treasury with district and county. After deducting these, we are the financial strength of our real city level. " Guangzhou Finance Bureau of the relevant responsible person, two data are right, just did not deduct the above amount, "after receiving your interview outline, we have calculated, calculate the deductions, two numbers are right." Such

Name of the subject (unit: ten thousand yuan)

Income from the transfer of the right to use state-owned land (code 1030148) 7257824.61

At the beginning of the year five years, the budget for the transfer of the right to use the state-owned land in the city of Guangzhou (unit: billion yuan) at the end of the year (unit: billion yuan), 495, 679.46, 300, 449.8, 314, 222.7, 2012 314 222.7, 2011 502.5 307.4, 2010 165 314.9. Report)

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